Best Pets of the Month | November 2017

November has come to an end which means its time for another compilation of the best pet videos of the month! From rescue dogs having their first Thanksgiving to kittens hanging out with their bird best friends, here are the best pet videos from the month of November!

Original Links:
Kid Pushes Dog Around in Kennel:
Large Dog Escapes Through Cat Door:
Dog Can't Walk Through Door with Giant Stick in Mouth:
Cat Cuddles With Horse:
Otter Eats Breakfast from Bowl:
Bulldog Tries to Steal Cookies:
Dog Has Bar Mitzvah:
Dog Pretends She's Not Watching Owner Eat:
Rescue Dogs Have Thanksgiving Meal:
Baby Goats Jump on Sleeping Dog:
Rescue Dog Reunited with Sister at Dog Park:
Cat Pets Bird With Paw:
Dog Fails to Catch Slice of Meat:
Dogs Perform Synchronized Command Tricks:
Dog Tells Owner to Keep Petting:
Greyhound Rolls All Over Carpet:
Guy Helps Baby Turtle on Beach:
Girl Gets Surprise Kitten for Birthday:
Dog Walks Piglet on Leash:
Pheasant and Cat Share Dinner Bowl:
Dog Gets Giant Stuffed Bear for Christmas:
Pet Duck Play Fights with Kitten:
Shar Pei Puppy Barks At Reflection:

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