Best Pets of the Week | December 2017 Week 1

Can you believe it's already December!? The holidays are here and so is another compilation of the best pets of the week! From swimming huskies and golden retrievers who can't catch, to cuddling cats and dancing birds, here are the best pet videos on the internet!

Original Links:
Malamute Cries for Owner:
Fluffy Puppy Squeezes Through Barrier Gate: Submission
Kitten Cuddles Baby in Blanket:
Long Body Cat Illusion:
Husky Is Afraid To Jump Into Pool:
Dog Jumps Next to Dinner Bowl:
Golden Retrievers Can't Fetch Well:
Multiple Dogs Sleep While One Plays: Submission
Cat and Dog Play Fight:
Cat Enjoys Sneaking Up On Dog:
Dog Hates Lemons:
Cockatiel Tap Dances on Box:
Golden Retriever Wears Lion Costume:
Dog Explores the Outdoors in Wheelchair:
Birds Wiggle Side to Side While Feeding Each Other:
Jack Russel Terrier Rides Motorcycle With Owner:
Dog Makes Weird Noise While Taking Bath: Submission
Dogs Play on Slide:
Rottweiler Takes Care of Kitten: Submission
Dog and Duck Relax in Bed Together:

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