Practical Ways to Save Money

download (5)Your budget is very tight and you will have to come up with practical ways to save money so that you do not get into a debt trap. How does one save money when you have to tackle recession, inflation, rising prices, unemployment and debts? Is there a solution? Can you get out of the mess? Can you really save in such tough conditions? Well, the answer is a resounding YES. All you need is a plan of action and you are on the path of success. You will be surprised to see simple changes to your lifestyle make a big difference to your finances. Well, here is the plan;

  • Eat at home instead of eating out. If you buy lunch every day, start taking it from home.
  • Make your own coffee instead of buying Starbucks daily.
  • Buy the groceries in bulk as this will help you save money. Do not indulge in impulsive shopping. Carry a list while shopping for groceries. Shop once a week and never when you are hungry.
  • Save electricity by switching off lights, fans and TV.
  • Restrict your credit card use.
  • Rent a movie instead of going to the theater.
  • Discounts, rebates, coupons. Use them all and save plenty of money.
  • Use carpool and try walking to the office or the grocery chain if it is within two blocks from where you stay. You will save on money and gain in health.
  • Consolidate your debt and pay it off as early as possible. You can also transfer the debt to a new credit card. Interest free balance transfers are a good way to get rid of debt effectively.
  • Get rid of expensive membership fees. If you are paying for the gym that you hardly use, stop. Go for a walk in the park instead. You may also be able to make new friends.
  • Try and do things yourself. Wash your car, manicure your lawn and paint the house. You not just save money but also get fit as you are getting rid of your sedentary lifestyle.

All these tips are genuine practical ways to save money but only if implemented wholeheartedly. You would need to involve your family, right from framing a plan of action and putting it to use. Make your kids understand the benefits of saving every dollar. Involve your family and friends in the money saving efforts and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.


Finance At Your Fingertips

download (4)Online payment platforms bring finance from anywhere in the world, to your door steps, to the tips of your fingers at a single click. Our world started trading way back in time and it involved travelling for years on boats with a lot of commodities destroyed and lost along the way. This has become the only way to be able to earn money from people across waters. With technological advances, the world of trading and financial acquisition has improved and easier ways for transactions have been created and established. The rise of technology has, however, gone way far ahead than that of finances that is why the innovations in the financial market had only started recently with the greater demand for convenience.

Although the changes have started with the use of online network servers as bridges that cater monetary transfers, the fees involved are so high that a lot are still unable to participate and others still go back to the old ways of money transfers which still incurs a lot of lapses and loss. With the advancement of technology, people are now able to go to physical financial institutions that allow them to remit and exchange money for a large transaction fee but for a lesser transaction period than the manual process would do. Although this is so, the inconveniences still pose a potential threat with service centers closing at the end of the day and people who work have to either be absent from their jobs or have to do under time just so they can go and send money via these services. Most of the time, the transaction period is long and the inconvenience for both sender and receiver is large since they have to go to centers that allow them to perform the said task.

Now, with these method, we will be able to bring finance closer to home, right at your fingertips. You no longer have to go out and be absent from work, as long as you have a secure server on, you will be able to log in to your online wallet and send monetary remittances or perform foreign exchanges with a single click of your finger. No waiting, no exerting too much effort, just fund your account and you can do it as soon as you want to.

This is a technological advancement working side by side with finance as we bring convenience and control to your own hands doing all possible exchanges and payments over the internet. This platform together with its partners work hand in hand to allow you to do whatever you please with your assets and funds without snooping into your personal data and still keeping it all on a secure communication line so loses are impossible and all transactions are traceable.

Finance has never gone this better with the greater convenience of flexible currencies available and freedom of choice when you will withdraw your assets and how you are going to manage them. This is the future of finance-at the tip of your fingers bridging the gap through secure server connections on the internet.


Why Your Community Bank Is Better Than a National Bank

images (1)In this day and age of national and international financial institutions proliferating throughout even the smallest of towns, it can sometimes be hard to find a local community bank. If you are lucky enough to have one nearby, you should definitely use it for all of your financial needs. You might think a larger branch can offer more services and better deals, but that is a fallacy. Here are some of the reasons why your local branch trumps the big ones.


The keyword to focus on for a community bank is “community.” Everyone who works in the building, from the night janitor to the security guard, and the rookie teller to the owner and president, is from your community. They know who you are even if you lose your wallet and desperately need to take money out, even without a photo ID or debit card. They know that even though you are occasionally a few days late on the mortgage, you always pay it. The large multi-state and multinational institutions will hire some local tellers, but there is a good chance management will not try to establish a personal relationship.


Furthermore, the people in your local branch know the people that you will be doing business with throughout town. If you run a restaurant and you need to do renovations, your branch will talk with your contractor and find out exactly how much it will cost you. If it is too much for the bank to loan, they can tell the contractor that, and see if he or she can lower their bid. Living in the same community with their customers will make the bank and its employees want to do everything in their power to satisfy you.


Some of the large branches can offer free checking, but only if you have a certain number of direct deposits a month, totaling a minimum specific amount. Otherwise, they will charge you a stiff penalty. Almost all of the bonuses that large institutions advertise come complete with a lengthy amount of fine print. Your community bank doesn’t mess around with those gimmicks. If they say free checking, they mean free checking, whether you have a nickel or a million in the account.

In conclusion, there is little that a big branch can offer you that a community bank cannot. The government backs both financial institutions. Your account is just as safe if your institution is headquartered in your town of 10,000 as it is for one headquartered in London or New York.


The World’s Most Impenetrable Banks

download (3)Despite whatever Hollywood has led you to believe, breaking into banks is incredibly difficult. Some vaults are so secure that it is impossible for a heist to take place. Read on to learn about some of the world’s most impenetrable banks, as well as those belonging to some private companies, to see what extreme measures are taken to ensure that the deposits and valuables of clients are kept completely safe.

Fort Knox

The United States Bullion Depository boasts a solid granite wall perimeter and squadrons of machine gun wielding guards and armed military. If by some chance a thief got past those safeguards, they will then have to contend with the 22-ton vault door guarding the loot. To go even further, the door is equipped with a lock so intricate that it takes a 10-person team to unlock it. This may be why no robbery attempt on Fort Knox has ever been reported.

The Bank of England Gold Vault

This vault houses over 4,600 tons of gold, and it is second in size only to the Federal Reserve in New York. The walls are bombproof, so sturdy that employees actually used them for protection during air raids in World War II. When the doors actually do need to be opened, it is quite a process. An elaborate security system has been put in place that requires a combination of three-foot keys, voice recognition, and other security measures too detailed to publish.

The Iranian Gold Reserve

Part of the reasons that the vault holding Iran’s gold is so impenetrable is because nobody can actually say for sure where it’s located. Many suspect that the likely location is either in the Imperial Treasury or the Iran Central Bank, but there is truly no way to know. With virtually no information about this reserve being circulated, criminals would have a very difficult time planning a heist.

The Dominion Bank Vault

This bank is located in the Dominion Bank Building in Toronto, Canada and was once considered the most impenetrable bank in the world. It was constructed on bedrock and is wrapped by surveillance passages, making a break-in virtually impossible. There is also a 40-ton door standing in the way of the goods.

The Hard Rock Vault

Some banks protect things even more valuable than money or gold. Opened in 2001, the Hard Rock Vault is home to hundreds of priceless musical items and memorabilia. It’s located below the Hard Rock CafĂ© London, in what used to be Coutts Bank. This space holds Jimmy Hendrix’s Flying V, John Lennon’s handwritten “Instant Karma” lyrics, and more. If you’re wondering exactly how safe this underground fortress is, keep in mind that it once held the Queen’s treasury.

Although there will probably always be criminals trying to design the perfect heist, you can rest assured that institutions throughout the world continue to innovate new ways to protect what’s important to you.